Today, being a real estate agent is a challenge; you have to believe in your profession even in a difficult economy and knowing the profession is being completely changed (especially because of a new law: ALUR).

Unfortunately two thirds of French have a bad opinion of our profession, and these results encourage us to make a better view of ourselves and our activity. That is why: bringing our clients a quality of service worthy of excellence, and always being aware of the evolutions of our profession remains our mission.

Our clients -buyers - sellers - renters - investors - must be able to count on us through every step of their real estate project; accompanying them, reassuring them, searching with them for solutions tailoring their needs, offering them exceptional services, today is our credo.

For almost ten years, implanted in the 15th district of Paris, Delon Immobilier’s Real Estate Company Agencies emphasize a personalized relationship, efficient, dynamic, each of our associates are responsible for each and everyone of their clients.

Nicolas Delon